Three men arrested and charged for three offences

On February 8, 2014, officers responded to a suspicious occurrence in the Shinlands area about 12:30 am, where three young men were seen attempting to remove fuel from a vehicle which was parked at the Brades Basketball Court. The Scenes of Crime Officer process the scene which aided officers in their investigations. This lead to the arrest of Shelzron Lee, Kirk Kirwan both of Davy Hill and Tamra Wade of Look Out. The three men were charged with the following charges;

  • Theft
  • Going Equipped to Steal
  • Found By Night without lawful excuse

On February 10, 2014 Lee, Kirwan and Wade appeared before Senior Magistrate Hector on the three charges. They all pleaded not guilty to the charges and was granted bail with the exception of Lee.

Wade & Kirwan – both place on bail in the sum of five thousand Eastern Caribbean dollars ($5000.00) in their own recognizance. They were also placed on a curfew from 7pm to 6am.  

Lee – who during the November assizes in 2013 pleaded guilty for being in possession of a firearm had received a suspended sentence by Justice Redhead, was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison.

Traffic Safety Survey 2014

The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) is asking the assistance of the general public to express their views with regards to local road traffic safety. The Community’s opinion is critical in determining whether or not the RMPS should consider traffic safety as a strategic enforcement priority for 2014 / 2015. The survey is on-line and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.  It can also be completed electronically by others on your behalf, such as your friends who have a computer at home, by going to the library, by using your computer at work, or perhaps by calling ZJB.

Paper versions of the survey are available at the enquires desks of both Salem and Brades Police Stations. Once completed, please drop them off at any police station.

The manual website address to the survey is:

Click on this link now to launch the survey: DRIVE SAFER

Click to download the paper version: HERE

Airport Traffic Officers Trained

The Royal Montserrat Police Service has concluded the next stage of the Airport Special Constable’s training, “Traffic Enforcement”. Effective January 30th, 2014, not only do the Security Officers of the John A. Osborne Airport have the same legal authorities as police officers, but they now possess the knowledge and skills to conduct their own traffic enforcement.

Drivers are urged to strictly obey the rules and regulations of the Road Traffic Act, especially when parking or waiting in front of the terminal. A double yellow line means you are not permitted to stop for any period of time for any reason. A single yellow line means you are not permitted to park for any length of time. Parking is best defined when the driver leaves the vehicle with or without passengers inside, and whether or not it is left running. Once you leave your vehicle unattended or remained stopped longer than it takes to enter or exit the vehicle, you are parked and will be in contravention of the No Parking single yellow line regulations.

The Police Act, Road Traffic Act, and Penal Code give Airport Security Officers the authority to arrest persons, plus detain and seize vehicles if necessary in accordance with the law. In addition, the Montserrat Aviation Act provides regulations for airport safety purposes. Therefore, Airport Security personnel have the authority to regulate and control traffic, parking, visitors and passengers at the terminal.

For more information click on these links:

Another Marijuana Grow Operation – Destroyed

The Royal Montserrat Police Service executed a mountain patrol in the Jack Boy Hill  area on January 28th, 2014. Officers discovered a cultivation site which was about 60 meters from the main road. The officers continued their search further into the mountain and another marijuana field was uncovered.

Grow 2Each field had a number of Cannabis Sativa plants with a maximum height of two feet. The seizures were uprooted and counted, totaling 7964 plants and 400 grams of Cannabis seeds.

Click for MORE PHOTOGRAPHS of seizure.

Click on RELATED STORY for previous seizures.



Grow SeedsGrow 1

Burglary Crime Reports – Quick Action by Police

During the weekend of January 18th/19th the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) responded to a burglary report during the late hours of the night in the Manjack area. Having assessed the crime scene and working on some credible information received, the officers were able to apprehend Jerrio Meade of Manjack on suspicion of committing the burglary. The Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) processed the scene and recovered some crucial evidence which lead to Meade being charged for the offence of Burglary. He appeared before Magistrate Veronica Hector on a charge of Burglary on January 21, 2014 and was granted bail in the sum of three thousand dollars with one surety. Meade was placed on curfew between the hours of 8pm and 6am and to surrender all travel documents. The matter was adjourned to February 27, 2014.  

The Salem Station police officers of the RMPS, is currently working with residents in the Old Towne area following the arrest of Niyah Andre of Hope. According to incidents during the period between December 2013 and January 2014, officers responded to three reports of burglaries within the same area.  Patrols in this area were increased.  Observations made by an officer of the Salem Police Station lead to a search warrant being executed on the premises of Niyah Andre where certain articles, believed to be stolen property, were recovered. Andre was subsequently arrested and charged on January 21, 2014. Andre appeared before Senior Magistrate Veronica Hector on January 23, 2014 on two charges of Burglary. Acting DPP Oris Sullivan did not oppose to bail however requested that the court imposed some firm conditions. Andre was granted bail in the sum of $10,000.00 EC with one surety; he is to surrender all travel documents and is to advise the staff at Salem Station on entering and exiting the Old Towne area. The matter is adjourned to February 10, 2014.

The Commissioner of Police wishes to thank all residents for their assistance in these matters. These criminal activities emphasize the need for the Community and the Police to continue to work together. The rapid and professional actions of our police officers in collaboration with the public thwarted these criminals from believing they could get away with burglary.


Invitation to Tender: Video Surveillance System (VSMS)

The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) is soliciting bids from qualified businesses and persons to provide proposals to supply, install, and implement a modern Video Surveillance Monitoring System (VSMS).

You are invited to submit tender for procurement and/or a request for proposal for the implementation of a Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) facility, asset, and Government of Montserrat (GoM) asset Video Surveillance Monitoring System (VSMS). Tenders must be submitted in accordance with the specifications, which accompany this invitation to tender. Included are the tender documents, consisting of:

  1. Instructions to Tenders
  2. Form of Tender
  3. Evaluation of Tender
  4. General Conditions of Contract
  5. Respondents Identification and Details
  6. Tender Checklist

Tender packages can be accessed on the Government of Montserrat website at as well as the Royal Montserrat Police Service website at .

More Persons Charged for Unauthorized Access to Exclusion Zones

On Saturday January 11th, 2014 RMPS Officers from the Criminal Investigative Division and Tactical Officers conducted daytime surveillance in the Trants area. Regular checks are made to the Unsafe Zone Entry Pass system. The computer system verified that no persons were given permission to be within this Zone. Police discovered three vehicles at the gate parked within 25 feet of the sign which reads Entry beyond this point is prohibited. Anyone entering Zone V should seek permission from the Commissioner of Police”

Video surveillance recorded four persons walking within the Exclusion Zone with dogs and goats. The persons were identified as Lincoln Joseph, Malcolm Martin, Dean Woods and Germaine Greenaway. These subjects were met by Police about two hundred feet within the Exclusion Zone area with eight pit bull dogs, two living goats and the remains of two goats. The subjects were arrested and detained for violations under the Emergency Powers Order restricting persons from entering Zone V. 

Important Reminder: Access to Zone V is strictly prohibited. Only under very unusual circumstances will access be granted by the Commissioner of Police.

The accused persons appeared before the Magistrate Court. They were all convicted and fined accordingly;

  • Joseph fined $1333.00 to be paid in 2 weeks or 1 month imprisonment
  • Greenaway fined $1333.00 to be paid in 2 months or 1 month imprisonment
  • Martin fined $1333.00 to be paid in 3 months or 1 month imprisonment
  • Woods fined $1333.00 to be paid in 4 months or 2 months imprisonment(Woods is a repeat offender of the same charge)

The Chief Magistrate stated that she is sending a strong message to the public that ignorance to the rules prohibiting entry to the Unsafe Areas in the Exclusion Zone will not be tolerated. These persons put the lives of police officers and emergency personnel at risk.


Threats of Violence – Magistrate Deem Serious

The Police and Law Courts consider threats of violence as serious and shall address these incidents as significant criminal acts. Reports of uttering threats is the most frequent complaint received by the RMPS.  As a community you are encouraged to have a no tolerance attitude towards those who threaten to harm others.

On Thursday 9th January, 2014 Mr. Douglas Anderson of Look Out appeared before senior Magistrate Robert Shuster on a charge of threatening Language and Insulting Language. He pleaded guilty to both charges and was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment and fined $250.00 to be paid in 14 days or he will be required to serve an additional 2 weeks imprisonment. On his release from prison, he was also ordered to enter into a bound to be of good behavior for a period of 2 years.

Unauthorized Sea Vessel Intercepted

On January 8th, 2014 the RMPS Marine Department and Customs officials intercepted a vessel operating in restricted waters in the unsafe zone. As a result of aerial surveillance, a large catamaran style sail boat was observed only 100meters off the shore of Plymouth. There was evidence that crew members or passengers of the vessel trespassed ashore in Zone V.


The police MV Shamrock was dispatched and interdicted the sail boat with and armed bordering party off the coast of Lime Kilm Beach. The captain of the vessel and persons on board were in violation of the Montserrat Immigration and Customs Acts. In addition they were in contravention of the Emergency Powers Order which stipulates that vessels cannot sail within 2 kilometers off shore in that zone. The sail boat was escorted to Little Bay Port. As a result of this joint investigation and inspection by Police and Customs the captain was fined $1000 and charged another $120 for after hour clearance. The occupants of the sailboat were denied Immigration access to Montserrat as some did not qualify for entry. The sail boat was directed to immediately sail out of Montserrat waters. Persons are known to use sea vessels to smuggle contraband into Montserrat via these unsafe zones.

Officer Charged – Unlawful Intercourse

The Royal Montserrat Police Service, (RMPS) in keeping with its zero tolerance on child abuse has arrested one of its members. Yesturday (19/12/2013) Police Constable Rayon Rhone was arrested and charged on two counts of having Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a girl under the age of 16 years (because of the age of the child it is improper to disclose her identity). The arrest stems from an investigation into a report made to the police earlier this month. The investigation is ongoing. Once the investigation is complete, a determination would be made as to whether further charges would be laid.

The officer was taken before the court and placed on bail in the sum of $10,000 with one surety.

“…As Commissioner of Police I am committed to dealing with any reports, and reports made about Police officer’s involvement in criminal activity or otherwise which will bring discredit to the RMPS will be investigated and dealt with appropriately. I will like to assure the public that where there is confirmation that any officer contravenes the Laws of Montserrat, that officer will not be exempted from the full force of the law…”

“…I am therefore soliciting the support of the general public who may have any information of  any criminal activity, whether by Police officers or other members of the public, especially allegations of unlawful sexual intercourse with minors, to report the matter to the Police or if they feel more comfortable, preferably to a senior officer…”

The RMPS will continue to strive to serve and protect the general public. 

Prepared by the Office of the Commissioner of Police

RMPS Officers are “Weapons Ready”

Uniform officers of Royal Montserrat Police Service may appear to be wearing more equipment around their waists. Recent graduates of the RMPS Less-Lethal OC Pepper Spray Course are being issued with personal sized canisters and holsters. OC Spray is a well documented less-lethal weapon for law enforcement. Made of natural ingredients, police pepper spray contains Capsicum which is the hottest of all peppers.


OC PepperRMPS Officers are well trained on the appropriate levels of use of force and adhere to the RMPS Use of Force Model when dealing with active resisters and/or dangerous individuals. Section 17 of the Montserrat Penal Code states “…A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the (1) preventing of crime, or in (2) effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large…”

Yet individual pepper spray is only one small example of the RMPS weapons inventory. “…Don’t let the small size of the police service fool anyone. The RMPS are trained and equipped for most if not all high risk encounters. The recent enhancement of the Authorized Firearms Officer (AFO) and Public Order training has included the introduction of numerous modern techniques, munitions, and devices…” says Deputy Commissioner Bradley Siddell. “…We must be prepared to not only police our small community but be an effective security force for any international threat. The Caribbean illegal drug transshipment highway passes directly by our Island. At times, we experience some unwanted visitors…”. 

The RMPS have prepared rapid armed respond kits and teams for the Marine Department, Beats & Patrol, plus special operations. This amounts to an array of automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles, close quarter weapons, sniper capability, tear gas, smoke grenades, flash bang stun grenades, flares, bean bag shotgun rounds, pepper spray, batons, shields, helmets, and more. “Remember, the RMPS are not only the police, we are the national security and maritime protection force. We must be prepared not just for anything, but everything…”

Police Polygraph Police

The Royal Montserrat Police Service has invited all RMPS Senior Managers and other selected Police Officers within the organization to apply for a “Certificate of Integrity”. This process is a relatively new policy directed towards ensuring professionalism and public confidence.  The very first core value of the RMPS in their Mission Statement reads “Integrity is the basis of our very existence”. The RMPS intend to practice what they preach. Consequently, beginning in the month of December 2013, voluntary integrity tests will be performed for several senior ranks and those officers who are employed in sensitive and/or high profile investigative departments. The testing includes a polygraph (lie detector) examination. Officers will be bluntly challenged to disclose any involvement in and knowledge of any dishonesty within the ranks. The objective of this coordinated anti-corruption effort is to confirm and certify the critical leaders of the RMPS as persons of integrity; reliable, trustworthy, and of moral character. Those who successfully complete the process will have a certificate placed on their personnel file.

Although the focus in December will be to test supervisors and managers of the RMPS, any police officer may apply for a Certificate of Integrity.

The tests are being conducted by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Anti-Corruption Branch.


Spanish Language Instructor Required

Tender for Spanish Language Training

The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) is seeking an individual to provide Spanish Language training / classes to a group of Officers. This TENDER is open to any person who can demonstrate good character and Spanish language teaching competencies.

The instruction should be administered as follows: two (2) separate sessions (Classes) of twelve (12) week duration (Block) a minimum of two (2) hours per week. Therefore, each Class will include 24 hours in total of Spanish language instruction. Total time to instruct both Classes equals 48 hours. The RMPS are able to compensate the instructor $3600.00 which equates to $75.00 per hour.  

The number of students per class must be negotiated. Supplies and teaching aids are the responsibility of the instructor. The RMPS will facilitate the venue.

Persons interested are urged to write to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bradley Siddell or email direct to your proposal and CV. This competition will remain open until a suitable candidate is confirmed.

100% Conviction Rate at High Court

The Royal Montserrat Police Service was complemented by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the victims of various crimes due to the results of the High Court sitting this past month.  In particular, the quality of the forensic scene examinations conducted by the RMPS SOCO’s (Scenes of Crime Officers) was highlighted as outstanding. Evidence regarding seven (7) serious crimes was heard and in all cases either the High Court Judge or Jury found the accused persons guilty.

Inspector Rodney, the current Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Division, stated “…This signifies not only that the standard of investigation within the Service has improved, it also says that the judges of the facts (ie) jury members, are committed to community justice. The Royal Montserrat Police Service will continue to strive “TO BE RECOGNIZED AS A PROFESSIONAL, EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT POLICE SERVICE” by working in harmony with the members of our community…” 

One of the victims of the crimes stated “…We are all extremely pleased with the verdict and that we can now have our goods back. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers for all the effort and time they have put into our case…”

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bradley Siddell stated “…In the judicial system we often speak of evidence. In the modern world it is more often that the police investigation is on trial as opposed to the accused. These High Court results are examples that the RMPS is continually evolving into an effective and professional law enforcement agency. Our investigations have passed the test and this is real evidence of competency and public confidence.”

The following results are a matter of public record:


Offence Name of accused Sentence
Burglary Cliffel Ryan Pay compensation to the sum of $5127.00 EC in one year
Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Nino Shortee Time served in prison awaiting trial
Handling Stolen goods James Roach 8 years imprisonment
Illegal Possession of a Firearm Shelzron Lee         Suspended sentence for three years. If convicted for any offence during that time sentence to two years imprisonment
Murder Orin Evans 35 years imprisonment without parole
Attempted Rape  Ishmael Meade 8 years imprisonment
Assault Causing Grievous Bodily Harm Ishmael Meade 3 years to run concurrently with the 8 years imprisonment



Police Use Radar Guns for Speed Enforcement

Beginning in January 2014 and potentially as soon as the 2013 Festival Season, the RMPS will be conducting traffic speed enforcement and education with the use of speed-measuring devices. Section 46A of the Road Traffic Act permits such technology. Section 46A refers to “prescribed speed-measuring devices”, “used in the prescribed manner” and subject to “prescribed […]

Changes to Drivers License Exams & Road Tests

The Royal Montserrat Police Service announces the following important change to the traditional license testing services offered to the public. Effective December 1, 2013 written examinations for any driver’s license as well as all road tests for a permanent driver’s license will be administered privately. The RMPS is transitioning away from these licensing services. During the transition the public may still attend the Police HQ in Brades for testing but the service shall be provided by civilian personnel. In addition, these license testing services will be made available, on a scheduled basis, at the Salem Police Station.  The issuing of Temporary Drivers licenses will still be available at the Airport and Seaport. The public should be aware that these changes will also result in some rate / fee adjustments. More details shall be provided in the near future.


Police SCUBA Divers “Team Up” with Coral Cay

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The RMPS advances one step closer to the formation of a dedicated Police SCUBA Dive Team, thanks to Coral Cay Conservation. Currently, designated qualified divers are issued with underwater diving equipment to augment the Marine Department resources. These police divers are utilized to conduct inspections of vessels below the surface level looking for signs of […]

Marijuana Grow Operations – Targeted

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One of the Royal Montserrat Police Service mandates is to combat and reduce illegal drug trafficking in Montserrat. Officers within the Criminal Investigation Department of the RMPS and support personnel  set out on a routine marijuana grow operation patrol duty, this time targeting the potential cultivation areas in the Look Out community. Their patrol revealed […]

Police Combat Threats of Violence

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The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS), Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, and the Judicial Courts – are doing their best to send the message that domestic violence in Montserrat shall not be tolerated. Since 2007 the most frequently reported incident to police has been “threats of violence”. Unfortunately a large number of these […]

Plant Thieves Beware

The Royal Montserrat Police Service wish to remind the public that removing or uprooting plants from other person properties without their consent or knowledge is considered to be a criminal offense of theft. This warning comes as a result of the receipt of several reports of theft of plants from private properties in Old Towne. […]

The RMPS and Animal Laws

The RMPS and the Montserrat Animal Protection Society (MAPS) are announcing that they intend to work together closely to curb the abuse of animals, in particularly dogs. It is the goal of each organization to work with the public to minimize cruelty to animals and ensure that owners are held accountable for any contravention of the law regarding care and handling, straying, trespass, or hazards. For more information visit the MAPS page on the RMPS website to learn if you are in contravention of the law?  

A1 Road Closed – August 15/16


The RMPS wish to confirm that in consultation with PWD  the A1 road linking the north to the south will be closed during the early morning hours of August 16th. The crossing referred to as Lawyers River near the turnoff to Woodland Beach will be completely blocked to normal traffic between 11pm Thursday night August 15th and 6am Friday morning August 16th. No local traffic will be permitted through during those hours. However, the public need not be alarmed, as additional police, fire, and medical resources will be deployed to Salem as a contingency. In addition, the road can be made passable within 10 minutes time for any critical emergencies.  If urgent, persons can walk across the construction zone and be picked up by waiting emergency vehicles. Therefore , the public is urged to plan ahead and avoid travel in this area during these hours.

RMPS Internal Investigation

The Royal Montserrat Police Service is investigating a report of a disturbance, fighting, and assaults that occurred on Friday August 2nd, 2013 during the Cudjoe Head festivities.  Although the police regularly respond to these types of incidents, allegations in this case include complaints against the police and public servants. It is important for the public to know that the occupation of any suspected or accused person is irrelevant. Further, all persons arrested and/or charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The RMPS will be thorough and transparent during their collection of evidence. The RMPS will not rush the investigation to ensure all versions of the incident are properly recorded. The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions shall review the evidence and make recommendations on who should be charged for what offenses. Therefore, if you are a witness to any of these events and have not yet been interviewed by police, please contact Inspector Rodney, Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Police Management “Retreat”

More of a “charge” than a “retreat…The senior management team of the Royal Montserrat Police and Fire and Rescue Service spend a full day on Wednesday July 31st at what is referred to as a “Strategic Management Retreat”.  Facilitated by Mr. Larry Covington, the UKCOT Law Enforcement Advisor, the efficiencies of the police service were critically analyzed in an effort to build upon industry best practices while simultaneously highlighting performance deficiencies. The realities of policing in the new millennium are that law enforcement executives are being asked to do more with less. Therefore, it is paramount that the police and the fire & rescue service closely examine the ideal methods to sustain the RMPS two core strategic objectives (1) reduce crime, and (2) increase effectiveness.   A number of vulnerabilities were highlighted that will become the focus of the management team over this next year and beyond. Human resources succession planning, retention, motivation, and competency development were but a few of the internal effectiveness factors. Whereas, more community commitment, public cooperation, modern legal authorities, and technologies were identified as some of the building blocks to dependable crime reduction.  Crimes statistics, patterns, and behavior trends were acknowledged as increased risks to the public and the perception that Montserrat is relatively crime free. The day ended with a consensus and solid commitment from the management team that they would effect change whenever they can to ensure the police stay in front of the threat to public safety and security.

Customs Officers Receive Weapons Training

As part of an ongoing integrated training program between Customs and the Police, several Montserrat Customs and Revenue Services Officers completed the first phase of weapons identification training hosted by the RMPS.  The purpose of these sessions is to train officers to identify, and where necessary, safely handle and confiscate illegal and prohibited items such as fire arms, parts of fire arms or ammunition hidden in cargo or personal luggage.

Mr. Peter W. A White, Comptroller of Customs stated: “…With the development of a yacht marina in Montserrat and the likelihood of more yachts and pleasure crafts spending long periods in Montserrat, it will become more likely that some of these boats will have fire arms on them. It will be therefore incumbent on the operators of these crafts that they declare such fire arms when berthing in the territorial waters. Such declarations are normally made to Customs and the Coast Guard, it is therefore important that officers knows how to safely handle such fire arms…”

Customs and Police officers play an important joint role in Montserrat border protection and must be trained and equipped to handle all possible threats to the borders of Montserrat. 

Drug Arrest

Taking a “bite out on crime” and following a lead from members of the community, officers of the RMPS Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were able to successfully recover illegal drugs in the possession of Mr. Jerome Fergus of Look Out on Friday 26th July 2013. Information was received from members of the community willing to assist the Police which lead to a search of Mr. Fergus who was met by Police in the vicinity of a supermarket in the Davy Hill area. The Police Officers were able to retrieve 26.3 grams of Cannabis Sativa.  Mr. Fergus was arrested and charged for being in possession of Marijuana and for being in possession with intent to supply. On Monday July 29th 2013 Mr. Fergus appeared before Senior Magistrate Veronica Hector on both charges and pleaded guilty to the possession of cannabis sativa charge. The charge of Possession with intent to supply was withdrawn. Mr. Fergus has been remanded to Her Majesty Prison pending sentencing. This is a positive example of how concerned citizens can make a difference.


D.A.R.E. Program Graduates

The RMPS would like to honor and recognize 21 graduates of the D.A.R.E Program from the Brades Primary School. A short ceremony and the presentation of certificates by the Commissioner of Police will be held at the Brades Primary School on July 10th at 5:00pm. More information about D.A.R.E and a list of the graduates can be viewed at our D.A.R.E page.

Traffic Warning – Prayer Drive July 6th

The Montserrat Coordinating Council of Seventh-day Adventists announces a prayer drive on Saturday July 6th through the communities of Barzey’s, Cavalla Hill, and Baker Hill. The drive will start at the New Ebenezer SDA Church at 3:30 p.m. via St. John’s Center and Collins Ghaut into Barzey’s. Road areas affected include: Yellow Hill junction Mongo […]

Community Partnership – RMPS & MMSA

The Royal Montserrat Police Service and the Montserrat Motor Sports Association have entered into a “Community Services Partnership”. In short, the objectives of the mutual beneficial agreement are to encourage traffic safety plus professional driving habits while simultaneously promoting the lawful practice of motor sports in Montserrat. Read the “Agreement” and check out the links […]

Zone C CLOSED June 8/9 Weekend

The Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) advises that the new arrangements for entry into Zone C have been postponed again. There will be no access to the general public the weekend of June 8th and 9th as authorities wish to have all security preparations in place before the new entry procedures. The DMCA apologizes for any inconvenience caused.


Warning: Internet Scam

From the St. Kitts Observer…  A number of Kittitians have lost thousands of US dollars to an internet scam and Commissioner of Police CG Walwyn is warning others not to be fooled by the online scam artists. Commissioner Walwyn confirmed that at least 4 locals that he is aware of have been scammed, one […]

New Police ID Card

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From the “antique” to the modern, the RMPS have begun the issuing of new identification cards, referred to as “Warrant” cards to all police officers. The new identification card is long overdue and incorporates modern day anti-counterfeiting subtleties plus international standards for photo recognition software. Now our Royal Montserrat Police Officers can be officially recognized […]

999/911 Merged Call Centre

The RMPS and the Fire & Rescue Service is pleased to announce that during the week of June 3rd to June 7th the new 999/911 integrated emergency hotline (call centre) will be conducting operational tests.  In essence, beginning in June 2013, any person who calls either 999 or 911 will be redirected to a 24/7 […]

Changes to Access to Zone C in June

At a recent NDPRAC meeting it was decided that there will be changes to access to Zone C.  Currently visitors must report on entry and on exit to Special Constables stationed at the entry gate. This will change significantly from Saturday 1st June.  From that date, residents and visitors to the island will be required […]

Missing Person

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Name:   Craig CABEY Alias:   Shung Date of Birth:   14.03.1975 Height:     Build:   Average Colour:   Brown Hair:   Shoulder length plaited  Last known address:  Woodlands, Montserrat         Craig Cabey was last seen on 15th of February 2010 leaving Port Little Bay on a jet ski. There is a $20,000 reward for information about the whereabouts […]

Significant Anti-Drug Smuggling Operation

recovered drugsThe Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) have been very active these past few weeks with some significant anti-smuggling drug operations and border security initiatives. There have been a number of suspicious marine activities which has resulted in the recovery of two foreign registered vessels and a large seizure of suspected narcotics. A number of persons have been detained under the authority of the Immigration Act. Four persons have been charged with various drug offences and have been remanded in custody to Her Majesty’s Prison pending further court appearances.

 On Thursday January 24th the RMPS Marine Department intercepted a Dominican registered fishing vessel believed to be involved in suspicious activity. Four persons of international origin were apprehended under the authority of the Immigration Act. What followed was an extensive joint RMPS Criminal Investigation Department, RMPS Marine Department, RMPS Financial Crimes Unit, and Customs & Revenue Service (MCRS) coordinated enforcement action – including a ground and sea search of the shoreline south of the Volcano in exclusion Zone V, plus Foxes  Bay, Old Road’s  Bay, and Isles Bay. Officers from the RMPS worked tirelessly day and night for several days.

 On January 30th, the RMPS completed the operation insertion into the exclusion zone resulted in the recovery of two separate burial sites which yielded the seizure of approximately 65 kilos of cocaine, having an approximate street value of over 3 million dollars in United States Currency. The suspected narcotics are being transferred out of Montserrat immediately for safe storage and forensic examination. The United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) arrived on Island last week to assist with the post-investigation logistics and international intelligence coordination. Security at the Police Headquarters has been heightened. Charged with the drug possession and importation are: Derrick Nicholas, Elroy Gussie, Ackmel St. Jean of Dominica, and Juan Vasquez of Venezuela. The accused persons appeared in Court on Friday February 1st.


There were two other unrelated incidents involving marine vessels:


On February 1st, in the late evening, the RMPS responded to a vessel that had run aground near Bottomless Ghaut. Three people from Antigua were held in custody under the authority of the Immigration Act. Although the circumstances of the vessel’s arrival to Montserrat appeared suspicious, the persons were not found to have contravened any laws. Arrangements are being made to assist with their departure back to Antigua.


On February 2nd, in the early morning, the RMPS received a report of a vessel in distress approximately 4 miles off the coast of Montserrat. Although the Police Vessel Shamrock responded, other vessels arrived to assist. The vessel in distress named “God” was towed to Port due to engine failure…”


Police solve Robbery and confiscate Marijuana

BRADES, Montserrat (January 23, 2013) – The Royal Montserrat Police Service has confirmed the apprehension of a man charged with robbery and another for possession of marijuana. According to Superintendent Charles Thompson, on January 9 a robbery report was made to the police by a bus driver from the Look Out area. A police investigation was […]

Three Police officers among six public servants now certified Business Continuity Managers

BRADES, Montserrat (January 21, 2013) – The Deputy Governor Alaric Taylor has extended congratulations to six civil servants who are now certified Business Continuity Managers. The group participated in the EU funded Regional Risk Reduction Initiative (R3i) project, which was made available through all of the disaster offices in Overseas Territories. The course equipped students […]

Commissioner of Police resumes duty

BRADES, Montserrat (December 20, 2012) – Steve Foster, the Commissioner of Police, will resume duty on 19 December. This was announced on Tuesday by His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis in a brief release.The commissioner had been sent on leave following allegations of misconduct in late October. The statement noted that “investigations into allegations of […]

Government offices closed due to fire

 BRADE’S, Montserrat (December 3, 2012) – Several offices of the Government of Montserrat have been closed due to a fire on the main compound in Brades. According to the Office of the Deputy Governor, the decision was taken to close the Human Resources Management Unit, the Treasury, Post Office, Customs, Inland Revenue, Health & Community […]

Customer Service Survey

BRADES, Montserrat (October 17, 2012) – The Royal Montserrat Police Service has added polling stations to allow more people to be able to take their customer service survey. Deputy Commissioner of Police Bradley Siddell says that the police survey is still accessible from the government website at and those without computer access can visit the […]