The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) celebrates its 46th anniversary in 2013 having been disbanded from the Leeward Islands Police Force in 1967. According to the Montserrat Constitution, one of the responsibilities of the Governor in counsel is National Security. The Royal Montserrat Police Service executes this duty.

Headed by the Commissioner of Police Steve Foster, the RMPS fulfills its mandate by ensuring the:

  • Preservation of the Queen’s Peace,
  • Protection of Life & Property,
  • Prevention and Detection of Crime and
  • Bringing Offenders to Justice.

The RMPS strives to be a leader in the provision of policing services by working with integrity, impartially, efficiently and compassionately with the community of Montserrat.

 The RMPS operates within these key Departments:


The RMPS is supported by these other Units:

  • Human Resources
  • Traffic
  • Training
  • Information Technology
  • Scenes of Crimes (SOCO)
  • Financial Crimes Analysis
  • Task Force
  • Canine
  • Court Detail
  • Interpol
  • Administration