Changes to Access to Zone C in June

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Published on: 22/05/2013

At a recent NDPRAC meeting it was decided that there will be changes to access to Zone C. 

Currently visitors must report on entry and on exit to Special Constables stationed at the entry gate. This will change significantly from Saturday 1st June. 

From that date, residents and visitors to the island will be required to report to Salem police stations to register and receive an Entry Permit to Zone C. monster beats studio wireless by dre There is no fee for the permit, but applicants are required to acknowledge the safety terms and conditions. The entry gates will be opened from 8 am to 4 pm every day. Permit holders are permitted to enter and exit at their own risk unsupervised. A brochure giving information on the safety procedures to Zone C is now available at both police stations. 

No persons are allowed in Zone C without a permit or after hours. monster beats case crystal Vehicles that do not exit prior to 4 pm will be locked inside and the occupants will have to leave on foot. Zone C is still a controlled hazard area and access to Zone V is not permitted under any circumstances. Therefore, any persons found in contravention of the new registration, permit, access procedures and safety regulations will be expelled. 

moncler b ware coat “>Additional sirens are being installed inside Zone C.  The sirens will sound every day at 1530, 30 minutes before closing time to remind visitors to leave the area before the gates are closed for the night. If the sirens sound at any other time, the area must be evacuated immediately.

Look under “Services – Volcanic Zone Access” for more tips reading the access control changes beginning in June 2013. buy nfl jerseys black and white quiz <

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