Warning: Internet Scam

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Published on: 28/05/2013

From the St. Kitts Observer…  http://www.thestkittsnevisobserver.com/ 

A number of Kittitians have lost thousands of US dollars to an internet scam and Commissioner of Police CG Walwyn is warning others not to be fooled by the online scam artists. Commissioner Walwyn confirmed that at least 4 locals that he is aware of have been scammed, one by as much as US$25,000. nfl jerseys cheap reddit china reddit He said he fears because of the nature of the scam, more persons in St. Kitts-Nevis may be suckered into the scheme. “How this works is that persons claiming to be members of the US military will befriend you on Facebook, or any of these social media sites, out of the blue. They will say they are stationed in Afghanistan and because they have reached out to you they want to send you a free iPad or laptop,” he explained. The scam artist would then ask for an official identification picture to ensure the target’s identity and CoP Walwyn said most people are sending a copy of the page of their passport which contains the picture and personal information. He said some time after the target would be told the package was held up in Afghanistan and it order to get it released, the sender would have to pay someone off and would require the target send them about US$300. nfl jerseys reddit for sale near me Once that was received, he said further demands for money would follow. “The person would then be told that US$10,000 or more was found in the package, money they did not put in the package, and they wanted to make sure you got the money so you would have to send them US$2,500 to pay someone off to release it. If you refuse, they say either send the money or they will turn your name over to the US authorities for money laundering.” The scammer would tell the mark that the package had their name and address etcetera and they were guilty of money laundering and they would go to jail if the US authorities were contacted. “If the person does not pay they would remind him or her that they have their picture and personal information and they should get a good attorney otherwise they are going to jail, nfl jerseys reddit for sale near me ” said the Commissioner. They would instruct targets to send the money via Western Union to far off countries including Ghana, but Commissioner Walwyn reminded that the money could be collected from any Western Union branch anywhere in the world once that person had the Money Transfer Control Number (tracking number). Fearing jail time, he said, most people would pay large sums to these scam artists. CoP Walwyn advised persons what to be on the lookout for. “They usually target women but even a man who is a civil servant was caught in the scam. They always pretend to be American soldiers serving in Afghanistan. They use fake names and pictures for their internet profiles and always offer free computers. “Please be careful about what information you send to people, monster beats ebay earphone with mic

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