100% Conviction Rate at High Court

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Published on: 04/12/2013

The Royal Montserrat Police Service was complemented by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the victims of various crimes due to the results of the High Court sitting this past month.  In particular, the quality of the forensic scene examinations conducted by the RMPS SOCO’s (Scenes of Crime Officers) was highlighted as outstanding. Evidence regarding seven (7) serious crimes was heard and in all cases either the High Court Judge or Jury found the accused persons guilty.

Inspector Rodney, moncler arriette aspen the current Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Division, stated “…This signifies not only that the standard of investigation within the Service has improved, it also says that the judges of the facts (ie) jury members, are committed to community justice. The Royal Montserrat Police Service will continue to strive “TO BE RECOGNIZED AS A PROFESSIONAL, EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT POLICE SERVICE” by working in harmony with the members of our community…” 

monster-beats-solo-beats-by-dre-studio “>One of the victims of the crimes stated “…We are all extremely pleased with the verdict and that we can now have our goods back. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers for all the effort and time they have put into our case…”

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bradley Siddell stated “…In the judicial system we often speak of evidence. In the modern world it is more often that the police investigation is on trial as opposed to the accused. These High Court results are examples that the RMPS is continually evolving into an effective and professional law enforcement agency. ugg outlet alexandria anaheim Our investigations have passed the test and this is real evidence of competency and public confidence.”

The following results are a matter of public record:


Offence Name of accused Sentence
Burglary Cliffel Ryan Pay compensation to the sum of $5127.00 EC in one year
Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Nino Shortee Time served in prison awaiting trial
Handling Stolen goods James Roach 8 years imprisonment
Illegal Possession of a Firearm Shelzron Lee         Suspended sentence for three years. If convicted for any offence during that time sentence to two years imprisonment
Murder Orin Evans 35 years imprisonment without parole
Attempted Rape  Ishmael Meade 8 years imprisonment
Assault Causing Grievous Bodily Harm Ishmael Meade 3 years to run concurrently with the 8 years imprisonment


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