RMPS Officers are “Weapons Ready”

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Published on: 16/12/2013

Uniform officers of Royal Montserrat Police Service may appear to be wearing more equipment around their waists. Recent graduates of the RMPS Less-Lethal OC Pepper Spray Course are being issued with personal sized canisters and holsters. OC Spray is a well documented less-lethal weapon for law enforcement. Made of natural ingredients, police pepper spray contains Capsicum which is the hottest of all peppers.


OC Peppermichael kors backpack wallet 2 jpg” width=”230″ height=”230″ />RMPS Officers are well trained on the appropriate levels of use of force and adhere to the RMPS Use of Force Model when dealing with active resisters and/or dangerous individuals. Section 17 of the Montserrat Penal Code states “…A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the (1) preventing of crime, or in (2) effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large…”

Yet individual pepper spray is only one small example of the RMPS weapons inventory. “…Don’t let the small size of the police service fool anyone. The RMPS are trained and equipped for most if not all high risk encounters. The recent enhancement of the Authorized Firearms Officer (AFO) and Public Order training has included the introduction of numerous modern techniques, munitions, and devices…” says Deputy Commissioner Bradley Siddell. “…We must be prepared to not only police our small community but be an effective security force for any international threat. The Caribbean illegal drug transshipment highway passes directly by our Island. At times, we experience some unwanted visitors…”. moncler b ware coat  

The RMPS have prepared rapid armed respond kits and teams for the Marine Department, Beats & Patrol, plus special operations. This amounts to an array of automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles, close quarter weapons, sniper capability, tear gas, smoke grenades, flash bang stun grenades, flares, bean bag shotgun rounds, ugg outlet online atlanta pepper spray, batons, shields, helmets, and more. “Remember, the RMPS are not only the police, we are the national security and maritime protection force. We must be prepared not just for anything, but everything…”

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