More Persons Charged for Unauthorized Access to Exclusion Zones

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Published on: 14/01/2014

On Saturday January 11th, 2014 RMPS Officers from the Criminal Investigative Division and Tactical Officers conducted daytime surveillance in the Trants area. Regular checks are made to the Unsafe Zone Entry Pass system. The computer system verified that no persons were given permission to be within this Zone. Police discovered three vehicles at the gate parked within 25 feet of the sign which reads Entry beyond this point is prohibited. Anyone entering Zone V should seek permission from the Commissioner of Police”

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Video surveillance recorded four persons walking within the Exclusion Zone with dogs and goats. The persons were identified as Lincoln Joseph, Malcolm Martin, Dean Woods and Germaine Greenaway. These subjects were met by Police about two hundred feet within the Exclusion Zone area with eight pit bull dogs, two living goats and the remains of two goats. The subjects were arrested and detained for violations under the Emergency Powers Order restricting persons from entering Zone V. moncler a firenze palermo  

Important Reminder: Access to Zone V is strictly prohibited. Only under very unusual circumstances will access be granted by the Commissioner of Police.

The accused persons appeared before the Magistrate Court. They were all convicted and fined accordingly;

  • Joseph fined $1333. ugg outlet fake fort lauderdale 00 to be paid in 2 weeks or 1 month imprisonment
  • Greenaway fined $1333.00 to be paid in 2 months or 1 month imprisonment
  • Martin fined $1333.00 to be paid in 3 months or 1 month imprisonment
  • Woods fined $1333.00 to be paid in 4 months or 2 months imprisonment(Woods is a repeat offender of the same charge)

The Chief Magistrate stated that she is sending a strong message to the public that ignorance to the rules prohibiting entry to the Unsafe Areas in the Exclusion Zone will not be tolerated. These persons put the lives of police officers and emergency personnel at risk.


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