The Royal Montserrat Police Service has for a number of years adopted the concept of community policing, which it hopes to be instrumental in delivering both its mission statement and vision. The Service is committed to community policing and endeavours to highlight to staff and the populace the importance of community-police engagement. Community Beat officers (CBOs) are encouraged to be committed to the module and accountable to the community through this policing style. Community Policing is a powerful entity as it ensures that police services are designed to meet the needs of the public and are therefore more effective at carrying out its core values. The interaction between and the officers and the public allows officers to fully appreciate the diversity of the population and the varying needs they possess.


Initiatives set up by Community Beat Officers:

Neighbourhood policing panels: In each geographical area or beat district, Community Beat Officers strive to develop a Neighbourhood Policing Panel. In this the assigned CBO will be guided by the priorities of the inhabitants of their district in regards to combating crime and disorder. The aim of which is to have a robust and proactive approach to finding and developing long term and permanent solutions to issues affecting the peace and tranquility of the island.

Neighbourhood watch: CBOs with the assistance of vigilant members of each district form a partnership to be each other’s keeper; in the sense that patrols are conducted with and without CBOs in an effort to be knowledgeable of the occurrences in these neighbourhoods. Observations have proven to be absolutely vital in the reduction of burglaries and deterrence to the cultivation of illegal drugs.

Recovery Project: Montserrat is home away from home for many ex-patriates whose residences are left vacant for most of the year. These homes therefore are targeted by thieves. The Community Beat officers for areas which contain a lot of vacant homes have developed a stolen goods recovery project. Occupants are encouraged to place identifying marks on their property where in the event that they are burglarized and the items recovered it would make for easier identification.

Community Policing clearly can work in Montserrat, an island which prides itself on its friendliness and community spirit. Like the population, the force is varied in nationality therefore the establishment of all officers as community beat officers is beneficial to both the officers and the public as they get to know each other and develop a rapport. It has to be highlighted that due to the growing relationship between the community and CBOs there has been better intelligence and effectiveness in the detection and prevention of crime.

Policing models such as these and the relationships take time to develop. However, the RMPS has seen the need for an active and vitalized Community Policing program and is certain that there will be great benefits to the Service and the Montserrat population.

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