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Giant Stride

The Royal Montserrat Police Service is continually forming partnerships with various commercial marine businesses and subject matter experts. This year, the “MV Giant Stride” formally operated by the Green Monkey Dive Shop, was donated to the police by the owner Mr. David Woods. The RMPS intend to work with its Community Marine Patrol Program (CMPP) to re-fit the vessel so that it can enhance the safety and security of Montserrat waters.  


NOTE: The RMPS is seeking to employ full time a Special Constable – Marine Technician / Engineer. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Monty’s Dive Center, owned and operated by Mr. Monty Burns is our first official member of the CMPP by signing a Community Partnership agreement. Mr. Burns will assume a lead role in the re-fit of the former Giant Stride as a community police: patrol, rescue, dive raft, inspection, and recovery vessel.  

The objectives of the CMPP are as follows:

  •  Through community participation
    • enhance the protection of Montserratian borders.
    • enable and empower civilian marine search & rescue.
    • collect intelligence on trans-shipment of illegal narcotics.
    • dispatch coordinated underwater search & inspection.
    • provide specialized training for police and civilians.
    • promote Montserrat marine sports and tourism.

The RMPS is inviting any Vessel Captain, SCUBA Diver, Recreational Boater, Marine Business, or Coastal Resident – to become a member of the Community Marine Patrol Program (CMPP). Please complete the “Application” and scan / email it to, or drop it off at any police station attn: Commissioner of Police.

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