Montserrat Animal Protection Society

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The RMPS and the Montserrat Animal Protection Society (MAPS) have entered into an informal mutual Terms of Reference agreement. It is the goal of each organization to work with the public to minimize cruelty to animals and ensure that owners are held accountable for any contravention of the law reading care and handling, straying, trespass, or hazards. The RMPS hope to develop this working relationship even further with the potential of the Society taking on responsibilities similar to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (RSPCA).

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Did you know its a crime!

Section 308 Penal Code – Animals in a Public Place

Section 282 Penal Code Cruelty to Animals 

Section 3 Animal Trespass Act Straying or Improperly Tethered Animals

Section 4 Animal Trespass Act Animals on Private Land

Section 6 Animal Trespass Act Animals on a Public Road