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Home security refers to all the measures taken to ensure that one’s residence and property is crime-free and doing all things necessary to enhance a feeling of safety to ensure you and your family’s protection. Home security comes in assorted ways and includes things you, the home owner can do and things you should avoid.

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What do I do if a Burglary happened in my absence


Glass and hollow doors are not the best at providing home security. They can be broken and tampered with minimal effort giving access to burglars much too easily. Ideally, main doors should be solid; that is made of strong wood or metal.  In the case of doors with louvres such as those commonly made of Aluminum or wood, close tightly and add extra precautionary measure such as hard wire mesh. 

Sliding/Patio doors: These are the hardest point to protect from burglary because they incorporate the weakest points of doors and windows. Most sliding doors can be lifted from their tracks and allow for quick and easy access into your residence. To prevent this from happening to you: install metal screws in the upper track or add sliding bolts to secure sliding doors to floors. Sliding/patio doors can also be fitted with commercial locks. (See your local hardware store for details.)


burglar barsProviding little security, most windows can be pried open. For safety conscious individuals it is recommended that you upgrade your windows by installing additional locks. As a last resort burglar bars can be added to the outside of window, decorative burglar bars are also available for the fashion forward.

Louvre windows: are especially vulnerable because they can be pried open, removed from their frames and replaced without much effort. If your house is fitted with louvre windows or doors it’s recommended that you add hard wire mesh to provide added difficulty if burglary is attempted.

Bathroom windows: Most people are accustomed to leaving their bathroom windows unsecured. It would be worthwhile to install bars on the outside of these windows to prevent becoming an easily targeted point of entry.

It is important to note that like vermin, your average thief can fit through any space bigger than the average size of a human head.

    1. Buy QUALITY locks
    2. Add lighting
    3. Fence your property
    4. Leave a radio on inside
    5. Install Intruder alarms and video recording equipment

Participate in the Goods Recovery Project by contacting Salem Police station and requesting material to mark your property.

THINGS TO AVOID                              
    1. Do NOT advertise your absence!
    2. Do NOT leave doors, windows, gates unlocked.
    3. Do NOT leave valuables and attractive possessions in plain view from windows  and glass doors.
    4. Avoid having windows close to the ground or windows that can be easily accessed by standing on available objects.


    1. Make a list of valuable items in your house, noting serial numbers, making a photographic catalogue of items and noting any distinguishing marks.
    2. Lock every exterior door and windows including garage, sheds and gates.
    3. Lock away all tools, ladders and similar items. Do not provide burglars with the tools to burglarize your home!
    4. Notify trusted neighbors  or your real estate agent of your plans to leave and ask them to contact the police if they observe anything unusual or any suspicious activity in your absence.
    5. Notify the police of your intention to leave.
    6. Lower the volume of your telephone or send all directly to voicemail; a telephone ringing out indicates that no one is home.
    7. For nighttime security, low voltage exterior lights are available, they can be timed or motion activated. Timed radios can also be used to deter burglars.
    8. Ensure that all timing devices, motion sensors and recording equipment are set and operative before you leave.


If on your arrival it is immediately noticeable that your residence has been burglarized

DO NOT Go insideThe burglar may still be inside

Contact the police and make a report of your observations

Stay safe; be observant and note any other irregularities around your house.


If after entering your residence you discover that your house was burglarized:

    1. Avoid touching anything; avoid excessive movement in the house. Do NOT contaminate scene!
    2. DO NOT allow any further entry into the house/burglarized property.
    3. Contact the police on 999  491-2555 OR 491-3255 and report the crime.
    4. Wait until the police arrive.



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