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Crime in Montserrat is relatively low in comparison to other jurisdictions however we recommend that you take all safety precautions when travelling to new destinations.

The Royal Montserrat Police Service have a zero tolerance approach to the use of illegal drugs. It is illegal to purchase, sell or to have in your possession any illegal substance. Any person caught with any amount of these substances will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

How can I make my visit to Montserrat more enjoyable?
  1. Do not leave valuables in plain view in your house even when staying in for the day.

  2. Make use of house safe keeping facilities.
  3. When leaving your house, ensure that all windows and doors are secured.
  4. Ensure that your key to the house is kept in a safe location.
  5. Never leave a window or sliding glass door open with just the mesh closed particularly if you are occupying a downstairs apartment.
  6. For additional security during the hours of darkness, close curtains and ensure that windows and patio doors are secured.
  7. Do not enter your house if you find the door is ajar. Immediately report any suspicious activities to the Police.
  8. Do not answer the door in your house without knowing who is there. Verify the caller’s identity by using door view (peep hole) or by peering through a window prior to opening your door.
  9. If a person claims to be a police officer and cannot provide identification, contact Police Headquarters verify who they are and why they are at your door.
  10. If utilizing a rental vehicle, do not leave items such as beach bags, cameras or personal items in the vehicle unless they are secured with a safety device. Never leave such unattended or in plain view when you park the vehicle.
  11. If utilizing the pool facilities at your house or going to a public beach, do not take valuable items with you and leave them unattended. That would be inviting a crime of opportunity which we, here in Montserrat, try to avoid.
  12. Avoid using Automated Teller Machines (ATM) alone or at night to withdraw large sums of cash; be wary of strangers who may be loitering nearby.
  13. Know the contents of your wallets and purses. That is, the amount of money, denominations, drivers licence and personal items so they can be easily identified if stolen or lost.

 Your personal safety is of paramount importance to us. Therefore we encourage you to exercise if not all, a few safety precautions as outlined above during your stay.



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