Criminal Investigations

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The Criminal Investigation Department is responsible for the investigation all major crimes occurring on Montserrat including but not limited to murders, robberies, assaults, sexual offences, drug related offences and interceptions.

The department comprises of one inspector, two sergeants, five constables and one civilian staff.  It has three sub-divisions namely Scenes of Crime, Canine and Task Force. 

Specific functions include:

  • Investigation of  serious crime
  • Perform drug suppression operations
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate criminal intelligence
  • Conduct pre-employment background investigations
  • Investigation of missing persons
  • Collect and examine evidence at crime scenes
  • Maintain custody of physical and drug evidence
  • Provide protective services
  • Conduct sensitive or special interest investigations as directed by the        Commissioner of Police


Scenes of Crime
  • This departments is fundamentally responsible for:
  • Complex crime scene investigations.
  • The evaluation of scenes.
  • Utilizing various types of equipment to develop, secure, and package physical evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison.
  • Preparing detailed reports on the observations and activities at a crime scene.
  • Testifying in court regarding the findings and processing methods used at the scene.

The crime scene investigator (SOCO) is expected to respond to calls for crime scene services as quickly as good judgment and safety allows. The SOCO is expected keep all issued equipment in a ready-to-use condition at all times and to process scenes of major crimes at any hour and under any weather condition. SOCOs carry out systematic surveys the area and formulating a plan of procedure at each crime scene. Of paramount importance is physically securing crime scenes (cordon tape, barricades, Police personnel, etc.) before conducting a search for all objects and articles that may be evidence. Similarly important is the packaging and preservation of exhibits, maintaining chain of custody, continuity and Integrity.

Canine Unit

In March of 2011, the RMPS welcomed the arrival of two Narcotic drug detector dogs. The dogs are male Labrador Retrievers who underwent rigorous training for three months at the Jamaica Narcotic Canine Division at Harman Barracks, Kingston, Jamaica.

These dogs are trained to detect narcotic substances such as Cocaine, Marijuana and other illegal drugs and aptly carry out their functions when required to do so.

The dogs were trained by Detective Constables Steve Rodney and Kirk Brade.

The canine division is linked to the Criminal Investigations and the Immigration departments. They conduct random checks at the airport, seaport and various drug operations.  Between 2011 and 2013 the Canine Unit has detected a number of illegal drugs to include Cannabis Sativa. The Canine Unit also conducts demonstrations at the various schools to displaying the skills and capabilities of the dogs named Champ and Shane.


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