Integrated Border Security Unit

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The IBSU, previoulsy refered to as the Immigration Department of the RMPS, is responsible for the regulation and monitoring of all ports of entry/ exit in the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. Situated at the John Alfred Osborne Airport in Gerald’s and at Port Little Bay all Immigration officers receive special appointment from the Governor in counsel before they can perform their duties.



The IBSU is comprised of members of the Customs agency as well as Police Officers from  the RMPS. These employees are on attachments to the joint forces operation.

The Core Roles & Functions of the IBSU includes:

  1. Border Control & Security
  2. Working in partnership with other government departments to ensure that laws are being adhered to, for example making random checks at work sites to ensure persons required to have obtained work permits before embarking on employment.

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All persons requiring leave to land must satisfy entry requirements:

  1. Possess valid travel documents;

  2. Valid return ticket to country of residence/origin

  3. Sufficient funds to sustain yourself and any dependents traveling with you without recourse to public funds.

  4. Visa if required

Persons requiring visas can apply online and explore Montserrat by visiting       😀

Services available from the Immigration Department

  1. Permit Extension

  2. Work permit Enforcement

  3. Emergency travel documents

Permit extensions visa  are issued to persons who are property owners, Caricom workers, visitors who wish to extend their stay and persons who are not Caricom workers and are employed by the Govt of Montserrat. For Permit extensions persons must ensure that they have in their possession the necessary   Work Permits or the receipt for the wok permit processing fee. A valid passport and or immigration card and valid return ticket to country of origin. Sponsor if person is in need of sponsor.

Emergency Certificates/ Travel Document are issued for emergency purposes only, for e.g.  In the case of medical emergency or a person’s passport is expired or is sent off island for business purposes and is not in a possession of any other travel document at the time of travel.

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