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A career in policing can be one of the most rewarding, varied and vibrant life experiences. The choice to become a police officer is not one to be taken lightly. The responsibilities and expectations of police officers in Montserrat is one that requires an exemplary lifestyle. These positions are ideally suited to individuals who welcome challenges and strive to achieve greatness.

  • Do you wish to contribute to Community Development?
  • Can you communicate well with all sections of our community?
  • Are you physically fit with a good educational background?
  • Could you make decisions that impact on people’s lives?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions then you could be part of the continuing development taking place within the Royal Montserrat Police Service.

The RMPS has Current Vacancies

Eligable (see below) applications are invited from suitable candidates who wish to be considered for appointment as Police Constables within the Royal Montserrat Police Service. Traditionally, we host one local recruit training class per year.

  • On appointment you will benefit from a salary in the scale R39 – R28, that is, EC$26,196.00 – $40,248.00 per annum, plus additional allowances. 

If you think you are ready for this challenging career then send your application to:

The Commissioner of Police

Royal Montserrat Police Service

Police Headquarters





Eligibility & Entry Requirements for NEW Police Officers


Between 19 and 35 years of age


All applicants must possess a minimum of four (4) CXCs or equivalent with passes in Maths and English.


Applicants must not have any criminal convictions; should be of good character and have at least two persons willing to testify to your character.

Submit your curriculum vitae along with two references, (for applicants residing outside Montserrat also include a police record/certificate of character) and cover letter to Office of the Commissioner of Police, PO Box 177 Brades, Montserrat.

Via email to or

On submission of your application, you should receive correspondence from the department acknowledging receipt. Applications will be analysed and short listed; some applicants will be invited to undergo the second stage of the selection process.


Invited applicants will sit timed English language and Mathematics examinations. These are designed to identify if applicants possess the level of skill and reasoning ability that is expected of a police officer.


Applicants who were successful in the Math and English test will undergo a Police Fitness Test applicants are expected to have a good standard of fitness and display a willingness to improve thereupon.

****Any applicant who fails to achieve the required standard in the Mathematics, English of Fitness test will be informed of such and application process for that person stops immediately. Previously unsuccessful applicant may re-apply at any subsequent recruitment period.****


Persons advancing to this stage of the recruitment process will be formally interviewed by a panel comprising of Senior Police officers.


Once you have been selected, you will be required to submit to full formal examination from a registered medical practitioner for the Government of Montserrat. Results must reflect a clean bill of health inclusive of vision and hearing.

Congratulations! You will be invited to part take in the initial police training! 




Prior to 2009 officers joining the Royal Montserrat Police Service received their initial police training at the Regional Police Training Centre in Barbados. In 2009, the RMPS embarked on its initiative to train officers locally. The aim of this was to tailor training to fit the needs of policing in Montserrat. This would allow the trainee officers the ability to familiarize themselves with the populace, geography, history and laws specific to their jurisdiction. In a community such as Montserrat local knowledge is crucial and sometimes even lifesaving, being trained locally lends the advantage of assembling a solid local knowledge base before the officers even pass out. In December 2009 the first set of officers were ably trained, this batch consisted of six (6) officers (course 1). In June 2010 a further nine (9) officers (course 2) and in November 2011 six (6) officers (course 3) successfully passed out and have successfully assimilated with their peers in the RMPS. On Friday 15th March 2013, four (4) officers graduated from the local training program. To date twenty six (26) officers have been trained in Montserrat, much to the pride and benefit of the RMPS.

Lasting for six months the initial police training is a live-in course where recruits are taught the police way of life. During this period recruits will experience a positive change, civic development and an improvement in their way of thinking as they transform from a civilian way of thinking to the police way of life. Recruits also bond with each other forming strong friendships, understanding and respect which is vital in the field. This is where espirit de core develops. In addition to instilling discipline, team building and pushing the boundaries of what was once thought to be their breaking points recruits receive formal training in areas as follows: physical training; core policing; history of policing and the Force; laws of Montserrat; the legal system; courts and there functions; public speaking; customer service; victim care; care and custody of prisoners; military drills; officer safety; weapons training; culture; etc



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